Top 7 Women, Success Stories to Inspire You - Embracing the Women's Month.

The world has seen many leaders and many people who motivate us today even to go ahead and achieve the unthinkable. There have been people who spent their early life in destitution but went on to become head of state even. As we talk of the women’s day the following names popup to remind us of the great women leaders who continue to inspire us even today, some from the political arena, others from the literary world, and yet others from the world of fashion where they dominate the scene with their perfect body. Comfort Brasalutes these successful women:

Eleanor Roosevelt: When Franklin Roosevelt assumed office, Eleanor started advocating for human rights, women’s rights, and children’s causes. She went on to chair the UN Human Rights Commission in 1946.

Oprah Winfrey: Oprah was born in a poor family to a single mother and was abused a number of times. She started her career with the Oprah Winfrey Show that gained a lot of popularity. Later she acquired a channel for herself and named it as the Oprah Winfrey Channel. It was in 1994 that Oprah Winfrey became a member of the National Hall of Fame. She was also awarded for spiritual speeches.

JK Rowling: You got it right. The Harry Potter author. But her life was in complete doldrums before her first Harry Potter book. She married and suffered abuse at the hands of her husband, had a daughter, followed by a divorce. She even lost her mother during that time but did not give up. Add to it, all the major publishers of the United Kingdom rejected her First Book of the Harry Potter series. But she did not give up. And one day the doors opened for her when one of the publishers said a Yes. That was the beginning of a $15 billion empire.

Vera Wang: An American fashion designer, she was into figure skating but couldn’t make it to the 1968 Olympics. She worked for Vogue for 17 years. When she was 40 years old, she became an independent fashion designer. Today she is known to have designed wedding gowns for Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump, Alicia Keys, Maria Carey, Victoria Beckham, Hillary Duff, and even by the erstwhile First Lady Michelle Obama. She ranks on no. 34 in Forbes list of Self-Made Women 2018. Her revenues touched $630 million in 2018.

Melinda Gates: Melinda grew up in Dallas where she had her bachelors in computer science. In 1987 she got a Masters in Business Administration. It was  only the last 15 years when she actually started to work for women and girls. She championed the cause of health and prosperity of families and societies. In 2012 she spearheaded a cause to provide contraceptives to 120 million women by 2020.

Mary Wollstonecraft: As a writer and philosopher, she championed the cause of women’s education and liberation. Her book, A Vindication of the Rights of Women published in 1792 is seen as laying the foundation stone for modern feminism. The talked about equality of women in times of the French Revolution. What she started was suppressed for over a century after her death in 1797. However, her work gained immense importance at the turn of the 20th Century when feminism gained importance. After her death it was her second daughter Mary Shelley who took up the cause and is better known as the daughter of the poet PB Shelley.

Josephine Butler: Josephine exposed the double standards that existed in Victorian Br Josephine Butleritain that was male-dominated. She campaigned against the Contagious Disease Act under which women had to be examined for any sex related disease but not men. Later she is also known to have campaigned against child prostitution and sex trafficking. 

Let’s Summarize

Women are known to have the strongest willpower when it comes to standing for a cause or against so  me injustice. History is full of such women who have stood out in their times for a cause they believed in. Be it against child abuse, women’s rights, or the right to equality, women have always stood out. We comfortbra salute to such brave and intelligent women on this coming women’s day.