How to Prevent Your Bra Causing Chafing?

The skin inflammation is caused due to rubbing of the body parts and skin folds with your clothing. Thighs, groins, and underarms are the most commonly affected areas. Women can feel chafing under the breasts or between them. Due to chaffing, parts of the skin become red and itchy. Bra chafing occurs due to the bra rubbing with the skin. Bra chafing is very common with women who either wear ill-fitting bras or have big breasts. Comfort Bra has come up with the causes and the ways by which women can prevent bra chafing. 

The Causes

Bra Chafing can occur due to the following reasons:

  1. The foremost cause of bra chafing is wearing an improperly sized bra. A too tight or a too loose bra can both cause chaffing to the wearer.
  2. Cheap fabric that is not skin friendly can be yet another reason for bra chafing. Such bras tend to irritate the skin and may cause rashes.
  3. Expensive bras made of silk or satin type clothes can also be the cause of bra chafing if worn daily. Being heavy these fabrics cause sweating and ultimately irritation leading to bra chafing.
  4. Extensive wearing of the same bra for longer periods can cause bra chafing. This happens as the fabric of your most favorite bra might have lost its properties.
  5. Not washing the bras after every wear can also cause chaffing.


Follow these rules if you really want to prevent bra chafing:

  1. Ensure that the bra you wear is neither too loose nor too tight to cause bra chafing. A bra that just fits in easily will never cause chaffing.
  2. While exercising do not wear any bra. Switch over to a sports bra for those moments. The fabric in the sports bra takes away the moisture. This prevents any sort of bra chafing which any other bra would have caused.
  3. Using push-up bras also helps, as there is a wedge-shaped padding in such bras that lifts the bras up. This helps avoid any friction between the bust and the underlying skin.
  4. A Plunge Bra is another way of preventing chafing. Wearing a bra brings the breasts closer to each other such that the cheeks rub against each other causing chaffing. A Plunge Bra has a deep neckline and as such keeps the breasts apart.
  5. Another way of prevention is using a spacer bra. A spacer bra is made with breathable foam padding. The spacer foam has air pockets that allow air passage through the cups thus making the bra soft, airy, and lightweight.

More Ways to Prevent Chafing

Besides being extra careful of what bra types to wear, or how to wear them, some other ways can also get rid of chafing if you already have it. Here are a few of those ways:

Anti-Chafing Powders: There are a number of Anti-Chafing powders available, which can be used all over the body just like any other powder. Such powders are always handy in summers.

Anti-Chafing Creams: Anti-Chafing creams are much like the powders only. They reduce moisture and act like anti-perspirants. On drying up they feel like powders only. To be effective, you just need to apply a little layer. After applying it for a few times, you will come to know the actual spot, you need to apply the cream to. Once you know it, the cream will become a lethal weapon in your arsenal against chafing.

Anti-Chafing Sticks and Gels: Another way is using either the anti-chafing sticks or the gels. The anti-chafing sticks can just be used like deo-sticks. Just roll them over the breasts or a specific spot on the breasts to get rid of that chafing feel. Gels are way less messy in application as compared to anything else when you are out somewhere.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Chaffing is a great bother, and when it is Bra Chafing, it might be intolerable for the wearer of the bra. There can be various reasons for bra chafing, but there are equally greater ways to get rid of bra chafing without even paying a visit to the doctor.