How to Let Go to be Perfect- Rather, Create your Own Definition of Perfection!

Perfection is a utopian vision. If we go by the literal meaning of the word, perfection is impossible to achieve. No individual can be flawless or without any fault. As Vince Lombardi said,”Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”. If you want to achieve happiness you have to let go of the idea of being perfect.

Striving for perfection will only make you more self critical. When you start focusing on doing the best instead of trying to be perfect is when you become appreciative of things that you have. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back, step out of your comfort zones. Draw inspiration from your surroundings and instead of trying to be perfect, be your authentic self. When you are real with yourself and others it makes you more attractive.

Being born as women into mainstream cultural families’ we are always taught to be perfect. We need to look and act perfect, get a perfect score in school, find the perfect job, get married and have the perfect family. It is ingrained into us that we need to be perfect in order to be well liked and accepted in the society. But in truth it’s the down to earth nature of people that draws us towards them.

The definition of perfection for every individual is different and we cannot spend our life trying to live by someone else’s standards. It is important to break free of the toxic cycle of trying to achieve perfection as it is often the cause of depression, unhappiness and stress. But what is the way towards it? If you are thinking about the ways to go, do you need to be perfect? Here are a few things you can do –

Decide what Perfect means for you

As per the dictionary the term perfection means the action or process of improving something until it is faultless. But instead of going by the book we can try to make perfection less rigid. A more open definition like the ‘process of improving something’ makes it so much more achievable.

Be Real and Authentic

Instead of trying to live by what is expected of you, always try to do what is right. Be real to your beliefs and morals. It gives you a sense of empowerment and a lot of confidence when you start doing the right thing. Stand by your ethics and beliefs even if it sometimes goes against the mainstream thinking. 

Don’t be afraid of sharing your authentic story to people. It takes a lot of courage to accept your flaws and failures in front of others but it also helps you connect to them on a deeper level. Let your life story be motivational to others. 

Stop caring about others opinion of you

Disregard any negativity that comes your way. People always talk but it will all be in vain if you don’t attach meaning to their words. Those who are unhappy with their own lives often find reasons to bring others down. Protect yourself from this kind of negativity. Learn from the inspiring women like Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, and Michelle Obama etc who stopped caring about other people’s opinion of them.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Every individual is different from the other and so is their life. Never compare your life to others because that will only make you feel like what you are doing is not sufficient and you need to do better. Learn from your mistakes in life. Don’t put much attention to how many times you fail or fall, have the courage to stand up and face the world

Make your own definition of beauty and success

Love and appreciate yourself. Don’t stick by the superficial standards of beauty and success. Embrace yourself and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved in life. There is nothing more beautiful than women who are confident and powerful and embrace their true inner self.

Learning to accept yourself is more important than trying to make others accept you. When you accept yourself you don’t allow anything to control you, limit you or discourage you. Life becomes an inspiration and you don’t judge yourself based on the opinion of others. Live a life full of love, kindness and compassion. Learn to let go of the need to be perfect.