Striking a Balance between Striving To Do Better and Setting Realistic Expectations

Ever ask a woman what best means to her and she would turn up with quite some interesting replies. According to a women’s guide it could be her status. But do we actually do our best or even understand what it means? Is it even possible to be the best everywhere? The answer to these questions does not lie outside anywhere. They exist within you. Let’s start off by trying to answer what the term best means and what is expected of us when somebody wishes us “All the best”. These few life tips will definitely enhance our lives.

The Best – What it means?

To be the best you need to excel in every sphere of life, in every task you undertake. As such, there have to be more than one meters to gauge the meaning of best. Here are a few:

Understand Failure: Failure can come anywhere in exams, at work, or even at home. Many times, we hear or read about people who succumb to failure. The most possible reason for this is the expectations from them. Second, they don’t understand that failure is the one of the steps to success. It is a First Attempt in Learning. Nobody is a born engineer, scientist, or a doctor. Failure helps to guide us onto the path we are made for. Walk that path and see the results.

Don’t Just Think, Just Do It: There are people who are very intelligent and will even come up with brilliant ideas, yet they might not be as successful as they should be. The reason is quite simple, they think more than they do. Always remember, actions speak louder than words. Just don’t think about doing your best, do your best. Put in your 100% efforts into the task you have undertaken and you can see the result of your actions.

Be Optimistic: When you take up a task, adjust your mind to think that this can be done. Sometimes, we get struck somewhere, and give up thinking “I can’t do this”. Such a behavior spoils the party. You need to be optimistic while you also give your 100%  to the task at hand. Believe me, success is awaiting you at the next step. 

Do not give up easily: Whatever task you have in hand, give it your full attention. Keep on trying to accomplish the task until done. Do not give up. Try it again. You are bound to succeed.

Advice: It’s always better to take the advice of some other person if the task is becoming difficult to accomplish. Perhaps, you are not seeing it from the view from where you need to. A human mind has the tendency to go over the task in the same manner every time. This gets one nowhere. I remember our faculties used to make pairs in our practical sessions to overcome this problem. As no two minds think alike, advice is a very good option, when you can’t find a way out.

So What to Do Now?

Now that we know about a number of ways to be the best, the next thing is how I can set an example for others to learn and follow. There are three golden rules to achieve this goal. They are:

Do things, Don’t Get Them Done: There two ways to accomplish a task – do it or get it done. Most of the time you will find there are people who think themselves to be smart enough and as such choose the “get it done” method. For someone who wants others to follow his example that is not the case. One needs to DO THINGS to be followed. Otherwise, Gandhi would never have been Mahatma, and Teresa would never have been a Saint.

Treat Every Opportunity as a new Adventure:  By doing so, you will feel as if you are doing something new, something fresh. This will help you learn something new.  For instance, a developer might write a program in a new way that he has come across and find that it has increased the performance of the program.

Do What You Want To Do: Yes, Just do it. Turn your thoughts to actions to achieve the results you desire. 

Let’s Summarize

Everyone wants to be a better person. To achieve this one has to create a positive mindset. This positive mindset turns failure to success. One has to know at what point he can turn better to best. An optimistic view, advice from others, and the will to do things can take a person to success.